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Independent Distributor, District Manager
Nature’s Sunshine was the first company to encapsulate herbs, back in 1972.
Our commitment to offering only the finest-quality herbal supplements has never wavered.
We’re Still adamant about offering only the best wholesale vitamin supplements to our customers worldwide.

The Nature’s Sunshine Story

In the early 70s, Gene Hughes, a Utah school teacher, began experiencing a nagging stomach condition. He took the advice of a neighbor who suggested cayenne pepper for his discomfort. It worked! Soon Gene began feeling much better, but swallowing a spoonful of cayenne pepper was awful. That’s when his wife, Kristine, suggested putting the powder into easy-to-swallow gelatin capsules. It was revolutionary!

The family soon realized they wanted to touch more lives with their products, and they found the perfect vehicle for making this happen-direct marketing. This business model allowed them to educate consumers about the products and provided their sales force an opportunity to share in the success of the company. Today Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) can be found in 30 countries, represented by nearly 600,000 distributors,

Product Quality

By placing in your hands the finest herbs and nutritional supplements, Nature’s Sunshine gives you the tools you need to take charge of your health and to look and feel your best.

Quality at Every Step

The quality process starts with the raw herb harvested from the fields and extends through the manufacturing process to the finished products you use every day.

Time and time again, we hear stories of people who have tried other brands, only to come back to Nature’s Sunshine because they just weren’t getting the results they had experienced with our products.

Because we manufacture our own products, we can build quality into them and control every aspect of testing along the production process.

Testing – We Have 588 Tests at our Disposal to Guarantee Quality

Our raw materials and finished products undergo more testing than other companies’.

A few of our tests include: Ash testing, Gamma counter, Dissolution testing, E. Coli testing, Microbiological testing, Heavy Metal testing, Microscopy, Infrared Spectometry, Moisture testing, pH testing, Potency testing, Tablet disintegration, Volatile oil, Environmental testing, Gas Chromotography, Total Bacteria testing, Liquid Chromotography, Acid insoluble testing,  Finished Product Auditing to name a few.


When it comes to making quality products that yield results, there is no substitute for success. With over 35 years of experience, no company in the health supplement industry works harder to provide quality products.

At Nature’s Sunshine we pride ourselves in our team of scientists, each chosen for their specific knowledge of product research, development and quality control. With Nature’s Sunshine you can be sure you’re getting the highest-quality, best-formulated products available.

NSP scientists work with top researchers at renowned universities to study and test our products and their active constituents.


NSP meets or exceeds current government Good Manufacturing Practices and pharmaceutical quality standards. Our 250,000+ square-foot facility includes a climate-controlled warehouse and cutting-edge laboratory equipment. This allows us to manufacture consistently high-quality products for our customers all over the world.