Iridology what will it show

In Brief

White Markings

Can be in the form of lines or small dots,  -severe inflammation, hyperactivity, irritation, over-reaction.. White means its losing the battle

Dark Markings

Grey or dirty,  under activity, stagnation & wasting. Chronic inflammations. The area is deteriorating

Black Markings

Most black signs refer to structural shock. Surgical signs are black (part of the body killed when tissue removed)  loss of function and functional scarring. Indicates dying tissue.

Colored lesions and markings

Metabolism or body fluid disturbance in the circulation or lymphatic system.
Discolorations can be yellow, reddish yellow, brown, red, etc.  A whole section may be discolored or there may be toxin flecks. in the stromal layer or deeper.

Rings and partial rings or arcs

Rings can be found round the irid or parts of the irid or as an arc.
These Rings are circles or arcs looking as though they were pressed into the fibers of the irid.

Contraction Rings

can be whole rings, or arcs, showing in a small part of the irid. They are likely to be indicative of spasms of the parts of the body they pass through. Example:
A Contraction Ring or Arc  In  the gall bladder area = spasm in the gallbladder, suggestive of gall bladder disease.

Sodium Ring

found at the edge of the irid, just before the sclera., indicative that the whole of the individuals metabolism is sluggish. the whole system is clogging up.
Too much salt will result in the blood vessels suffering. .They will become hardened from the evidence of calcium deposits and laying down of blood fat. Cholesterol level may raised and hypertension or high blood pressure could be a result.  When this patient gets older they would be susceptible to cardiac and circulatory problems.

The Archus

is of importance. It is indicative of a tendency upon the part of the body to develop stagnation. The heart and circulatory system are at risk and other organs which are dependent upon a good blood supply .If someone is found to have a Sodium ring or Archus, they would be advised to have a serum cholesterol check, and should have their blood pressure recorded.
Archus Senilus -sodium ring, edge of irid, appears as white/smoky/hazy  circle.= sluggish metabolisim

A partial Archus

Visible when elevating the upper eyelid.
blood pressure, circulation to the brain, Mental functions would  also be considered.