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Why BEAM™ Band and FS Technology?

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“What is that?” As they stare at the B.E.A.M.™ Product in their hand.

This is the most frequently asked question when we demonstrate the B.E.A.M.™ Band and Pendants.  

The answer is a frequency (specific vibration) has been permanently imprinted into the B.E.A.M.™ products.  When placed in your hand (or hung around your neck, or worn as a wristband) the B.E.A.M.™ Frequency instantly resonates through your body and assists your own natural cellular functions to be as efficient as possible.  (Check out the Brownian Motor Theory… page for the detailed scientific explanation.)

These demonstrations were given with random shoppers at a gift fair.  The participants are asked to keep their feet together, arms at their sides, and their hands in a cupped shape.  The first test (without the pendant in their hand) gives a baseline for strength and balance…the participants are asked to resist while we push on one side.  After a baseline test is given, the B.E.A.M.™ product is placed in their hand and the same test is given…Watch their faces as they feel the immediate improvement in balance and strength!

“Notice a difference?”



After the B.E.A.M.™ Frequency has been demonstrated, a series of three questions usually follow:

First: “How does it work?”

Second: “I want one. How much does it cost?”

Third: “How does the Sleep one work?”

See our Frequent Sleep™ Page to learn more about the Frequent Sleep™ Band

.*It has been demonstrated that BEAM Band™ Technology in the form of BEAM™ Pendants, BEAM™ Bands and Frequent Sleep™ Bands works and is real for most individuals.

.*The wearers of the BEAM™ Band and Pendants are living testimonials as to what BEAM™ Technology has done for them. Please visit our TESTIMONIALS Page to read what they have to say.

.*A Technical Explanation of BEAM™ Technology written by Dr. Gordon Pedersen appears under the Brownian Motor Theory…Document Icon.

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