B.E.A.M. Testimonials




“I usually wear my pendant day and night because I have a tendency to lose my balance.  One evening I took my pendant off to change into pajamas and forgot to put it back on.  In the middle of the night I awoke to use the bathroom and as I stood, I lost my balance, stumbled and hit my head on the wall.  Using the wall for support, I was able to get up and go into the bathroom where I examined the bruise on my forehead and then instinctively reached for my pendant and found that was not around my neck.  I don’t know how to explain how the pendant works but I know that my pendant helps me.”    

                                                                                              Mary Anne Pedersen, Bountiful, UT

“ I attended the seminar in Tyler Texas.  Many of us had extra questions and were walking, down the corridor, in a group with Dr. Pedersen.  One of the ladies, who had extreme difficulty walking even with a cane, was given a pendant by Dr. Pedersen.  He showed us some tests and then she began to walk, it wasn’t perfect but it was amazing!  She could stand up straight, she could take steps without toppling over and without her cane.  Almost all of us were in tears when someone asked if he could do it again, she wanted to take a video.  Dr. Pedersen took the pendant off this woman and she instantly needed her cane to steady herself…they then put the pendant around her neck and she walked ten feet without her cane, she was strong and straight.  We all clapped and asked where we could get these pendants.”

Seminar Attendee, Tyler Texas, April 2009

B.E.A.M.™ Products resonate at the frequency of the earth.  When worn they help your body to resonate at it’s natural levels.  These are products that may help with Balance Energy And Motion.  The “daytime” frequency when we need more energy and strength.

June 29, 2009

To those in doubt,

After balance testing me with her medallion my niece placed her necklace on me.  I had just drove here an hour from my home and was VERY stiff and had to sit to get rested.  Within the hour I stood up and was walking about briskly, unaware that I was standing up straight and nearly pain free.  Within a week I was sleeping well, able to get up in the AM and go about doing my daily routine without shuffling.  I can get in and our of my car normally…that is without lifting each of my legs in and out with my hands.  My friends remarked about the difference in my appearance and actions-they all wanted to know what brought this about.  I truly believe one must try this remarkable experiment to achieve these results. 

                                                 Marion L. Weber  R.N., Arnold,  PA,  Age 81

P.S.   I ‘ve managed to have over 20 other people willing to try it.

“August 24, 2007  My wedding reception.  Dr. Gordon Pedersen greets his Scout Master from several decades before.  The former Scout Master, in his 80’s and in good overall health, with the exception that he had to walk with a cane because of a severe balance issue.  Without saying a word, Gordon takes the pendant and chain from his own neck and puts it on the neck of his friend.  The Scout Master reluctantly takes a step, then another…Gordon continues to back up so his friend can keep walking toward him.  A huge grin spreads across the, now taller, Scout Master’s face and he tells Gordon, “I don’t know what it is, but I’m not giving it back!”

That night I became a believer!

Julie Pedersen Karlinsey, UT

Scout Master and his wife.