Iridology Examination

Iridology is a quick, accurate non-invasive and painless system of health analysis through the examination of the colored part of the eye known as the irid.
Iridology requires no needles, and no anesthetic or drugs. Yet it may provide a valuable guide to health and disease.

Iridology is the science and practice that reveals inflammation, where it is located and in what stage it is manifesting.

What  happens during a consultation

  • Questionaire to fill in
  • Examination with an Iridiscope  (magnifying glass with light)
  • You will be asked questions on your health, past and present about your medical history and lifestyle,  based on whats been seen
  • An Iridocamera  can be used to take an image of your irid, recorded onto computer .
  • All information registered and filed for further updates If required.

There will be a written report detailing your specific health concerns