Ion Detox Foot Spa

S/W Ver: 96.71.95R

Revolutionary health therapy system
that uses energy and water to increase the
Natural Healing of your own body without painful side effects.


Everyone holds toxins in their body. The full body cleansing and detoxing that the Ion Detox Foot Spa accomplishes can benefit everyone;

those most likely to notice benefits would be.

  • Persons suffering from Arthritis
  • Anyone in pain
  • Anyone suffering from fatigue
  • Anyone with heavy metal toxicity
  • Anyone seeking to slow the aging process
  • Anyone under severe stress or suffering from burnout
  • Persons suffering from allergies
  • Persons recovering from accidents
  • Athletes who need to rid their bodies of Lactic Acid quickly
  • Youngsters seeking to overcome ADD/ADHD
  • Children with Autism


The Ion Detox Foot Spa utilizes a specially designed module to enhance the Natural Bio-Electric field of the body by using fluid systems as its medium for conductivity:

  • Developed by scientists and researchers
  • Therapeutic aid for increased vitality and well being
  • Latest technology in personal care


The body is electric by nature and vibrates at a certain energy level.

This Bio-electricity or flow of Ions can be measured with the EKG and EEG.

The body is dependent on the Bio-electric energy flowing through it via the fluid systems (Lymphatic, Plasma, etc.) Our health is directly influenced by how well those systems are working.


The diseased condition of the body is associated with Positively Charged Ions. All the bad STUFF that promotes disease (Bacteria, Parasites, etc.) are Positively Charged. With the Foot Spa the water sets up a Negatively Enhanced Field using the water and your body to complete the conductive cycle. The water and your body, via the fluid systems, become Negatively Charged.

With Negatively Charged foot bath water and your body as part of the conductive cycle, your body and its Fluid Systems are an unwelcome environment for the toxins and bad STUFF that need a Positively Charged environment to survive.

Now the Fluids Systems can more efficiently do their work, especially the Lymphatic System, to carry Bacteria and Toxins out of the skin and into the Foot Spa Water toward the Ion Detox Module.


  • Pull toxins from your body
  • Increase body and cellular energy
  • Increase joint mobility normalize metabolism
  • Improve mental acuity
  • Reduce stress
  • Helps you feel great!!!


  • Eat a proper diet
  • Adequate Exercise daily
  • Good Vitamins and Supplements
  • Replace Colloidal Minerals after Foot Spa
  • Good Mental attitude

The meaning of the colors, odors and objects found in the water during the spa.

Many different colors and objects will appear in the water during the Bio-Cleanse sessions: Yellow-Green; Orange; Brown; Black; Dark Green; White Foam; White Cheese-Like Particles; Black Flecks; Red Flecks; Bubbles of different colors; Brown Particles; As best as we have been able to determine based on correlations performed with a Bio-Meridian device, the following is a list of what we believe these phenomena to be:

  • Yellow-Green Detoxification from the kidney, bladder, urinary tract, female/prostrate area
  • Orange Detoxification from joints
  • Brown Detoxification from liver, tobacco, cellular debris
  • Black Detoxification from liver, gallbladder
  • Dark-Green Detoxification from gallbladder
  • White Foam Mucus from lymph
  • White Cheese-Like Particles Most likely yeast
  • Black Flecks Heavy metals
  • Red Flecks Blood clot material

We have seen parasites, pinworms and smelly purple mucus that came from a person on dairy allergy medication, We have experienced various odors as well.

(*Above information excerpted from Bio-Cleanse instruction to practioners)

Do you really want to help your body rid itself of harmful toxins?

Are you suffering from chronic pain and/or lack of energy and fatigue?

The Ion Detox Foot Spa Module could help you improve your health and overall well being!

How to use the Ion Detox Module

  1. Place Module in plastic tub provided
  2. Fill with water 1/4 1/2 inch above the Plates standing straight up at the end of the tub. Add 1/4 teaspoon SEA Salt to increase Amperage.
  3. Connect to the supplied battery Charger Positive on one Rod of the Module and Negative on the other Rod of the Module, you may switch terminals after 15 minutes if desired.
  4. Place feet into the water for 30 to 45 minutes, relax and enjoy.


  1. Eat a proper and nutritious diet
  2. Adequate exercise daily
  3. Take good Vitamins and Supplements
  4. Replace Ionic Minerals after Foot Spa
  5. Have a good mental attitude

This unit may look a little simple and crude but after selling and testing all the other fancy and more expensive units out there we decided to go with the basics offering more power with less to repair making our unit the most effective and dependable unit on the market at the affordable price of $399.00 plus shipping!