Q & A

Commonly asked questions:

QUESTION: Can I wear the BEAM Products at night?

ANSWER:  Yes, you can wear them at night, but most people find that the BEAM frequency gives them too much energy so they take it off to sleep.  Others have reported that it helps their sleep.  Either way, it cannot harm you.

QUESTION: Can I wear the BEAM Product and the SLEEP Product together?

ANSWER:  No.  Wear them separately and store them separately, we don’t want the frequencies to blend.

QUESTION:  What can I expect when I use the Frequent Sleep™ Band?

ANSWER:  A subtle relaxation within the first 10-15 minutes and deeper sleep, often times including dreaming.  Frequency technology is a subtle resonance that will not feel like an over-the-counter product or prescription sleeping pill.

As the earth rotates away from the sun the earth’s frequency lowers, giving your body a natural signal that it is time for sleep and rejuvenation.  With non-biological frequencies surrounding us, it may make it difficult for our body to receive the natural signal to sleep.  As the Frequent Sleep™ Band is worn it resonates with the frequency of sleep and may take a few nights for your body to reset to the natural rhythm.

The B.E.A.M. Frequency, worn during the day, can assist the body to recognize its’ natural daytime rhythm, the Sleep Band can help the body recognize the natural nighttime rhythm.

QUESTION:  Since the frequencies are traveling through the water in my body, do they work better if I am properly hydrated?

ANSWER: YES!  When demonstrations are performed, it is easy to detect those that are properly hydrated because the products work at a higher level when the body is properly hydrated.

QUESTION: My BEAM™ Pendant is tarnishing, what can I do?

ANSWER: Any metal that is not classified as “precious metal” (gold, silver, copper) is called costume jewelry.  The Pendant is in this category.  Costume jewelry is best kept from tarnishing by washing it once a week, in a mild solution of soap and water, remember to DRY thoroughly, even in the tiny spots.

Another option is to spray a clear lacquer or use clear nail polish on your pendant, it will take care of tarnishing and extend the life of your pendant without interfering with the “charge”.

QUESTION: Do I need to keep my Pendant on the ball chain it came with?

ANSWER:  No.  In fact, the best option would be to find a silver chain, the silver will help the frequency conduction.

QUESTION: Will the “charge” or “imprint” wear out?

ANSWER:  The only circumstance where one of the pieces lost its “charge” was when it was worn in the ocean.  The salt water seems to neutralize the frequency.

QUESTION:  Can I wash my SLEEP Band?

ANSWER: Yes.  Best if hand washed in a mild solution of detergent and water.

QUESTION: I have an allergy to Nickel, what can I do?

ANSWER: The Pendant has a Nickel coating, if you have an allergy to Nickel consult your physician before wearing the pendant.  A clear lacquer coating will protect your skin and can be easily applied with clear nail polish.  The polish will not affect the frequency in any way.

QUESTION:  Can I use this when I am pregnant or have a pacemaker?

ANSWER:  No adverse affects have been reported, however, it is important that you consult your physician.

QUESTION: Are there people that the Sleep Band just doesn’t work on?

ANSWER: There are a few people that have felt that the Sleep band has not worked with them.  Our suggestion to you would be, first, make sure you are hydrated properly during the day.  Second, the Sleep band takes more than just one night to work with some people, the frequency is not an overpowering force, it is a subtle frequency that, when worn, helps your body know that it is time for sleep.  Extra stress can override this gentle frequency for a night or two, but a few more nights of wearing it and you will begin to notice a difference.  If, after giving the Sleep band a few weeks and you are still not satisfied, return it and we will gladly refund your purchase price.  We want our products to help people.